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Whilst what I'm about to say won't mean anything to those who never went, one word sums up the weekend - ANIME!

So, in my previous journal entry I mentioned that I was concerned about not making friends with anyone. In the end I didn't, though I did chat with a couple of people, so it wasn't too bad. Though there isn't anyone I properly exchanged details with to stay in touch or anything. Speaking with one girl whilst waiting for the masquerade led to a bizarre situation of discovering how small the world is, in that we went to the same primary school in Germany, which considering we were talking at event held in the middle of the UK, was very impressive!
However, there were times when being alone felt awkward, with no-one to talk to or hang out with, the most noticeable time being when eating. Something feels very depressing about eating out when alone :(

Due to not knowing where to find it, I missed the Conventions 101: A Newcomers' Guide, as when I got inside 20 minutes late, it was just finishing, even though being scheduled for an hour.

I did catch the Hentai panel, and I don't think I have ever seen anything so popular! Perhaps because of the hour, so nothing competed with it and immediately afterwards people were going to drink at the bar, or just that many people enjoy hentai. Having so many people laughing and cringing at various hentai was amusing. Having one point where something happened to a girl's eye caused the person cosplaying as Snake from Metal Gear to say that is how he lost his eye caused an amazing reaction.

On a similar note, which happened before the hentai one, was the Anime Room 101, with the greatest proposal made was by Jeb from Khaos Creations, where he chose anatomically inaccurate published hentai. The examples used were amazing, including a woman who somehow had breasts so big they appear to go out the side and all the way around the back! That proposal was placed into room 101, for anyone interested.

I also caught the prop workshop by the German cosplayer Kamui, who was extremely bubbly, crazy and energetic. Her advice and examples however were very good, and given me ideas for future projects, the main one being that of Guyver, which I think would be more possible that Unit 01 from Evangelion.

Sunday night I went to the All Genre Mashup party, and after stood on the side watching for a bit, I finally got stuck in and danced for over 3 hours, which I personally feel pleased with. Unfortunately, the blisters on my feet aren't so keen :(

Cosplay wise Robin got several pictures, mainly due to me standing by the door of the first floor entrance of the Student's Union, as the fence overlooks the atrium which is where many people meet up for photos and to just generally hang out, which makes it look like I am looking out over a city. So, I'm looking forward to seeing if any pictures appear on here :)
Zero got a hug virtually straight away followed by a photo, but that was all. Sebastian got sod all though. The lack of wig didn't help, as it needs a trim to make it look right, so I never bothered with it. I feel I need more interesting cosplays, possibly more superheroes.

The convention felt like the essence of MCM Expo was distilled, and what remains was a purer, greater event. I would be interested in doing another con, though I worry it won't compare with Aya....

So, if anyone actually reads this, hope you enjoyed it, and would love to hear about your experiences at Aya as well if you went!


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Happy Birthday!!
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